Justin Chin's Portfolio Page

Engineer, Programmer, Tinkerer

face Graduate student at University of Colorado Boulder experimenting, exploring, and prototyping Virtual Reality experiences. Justin brings an engineering problem solving mindset, project management experience, mixed media prototyping skillset, and adaptability to learn new tools.

He has collaborated with technologically forward thinking teams leveraging emerging technologies as solutions to problems of the future. He enjoys the challenges of learning and finding new creative solutions using new technology platforms including wearable technologies, IoT, and VR (Virtual Reality).

His current interests include:
  • VR User Interface/User Experience
  • VR for Data Visualization/Analytics
  • VR for Interactive Performances

  • He is also interested in further developing the Virtual Reality community in Colorado/Boulder as the founder of CU Boulder Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Club, whose goal is to build a community fostering the education and development of VR/AR related technologies and applications. He has also been involved with HoloLens Development for a NASA Summer Challenge and a vr film festival as a technical volunteer.

    A more extensive look at his work and project experiences is detailed on his LinkedIn profile and Resume

    Virtual Reality
    Development Portfolio

    Unity3D, Python, C#, and Maya projects.


    3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Arduino and Raspbery Pi projects.